What is ​RushMeStuff​? We are an express delivery service for every consumer needs. Our mission is to help the busy consumers buy back time! Through​ RushMeStuff ​customers receive the service of convenience. ​RushMeStuff​ can be used to pick up and deliver just about anything to almost anywhere within hours to just a few minutes. Customers can use RushMeStuff ​for delivery of their favorite restaurants,groceries,retail stores,pharmacies or even package pickups & drop offs just to name a few. 
Become A Partner With RushMeStuff 
 Why Become A Partner?  

● Customer can shop you through our app

● Online ordering system

● Delivery option for customers

● Increase in revenue

● Marketing and advertising

● Expand customer base and area

● Convenience to customer

● Product delivery within just hours

● Customer can schedule deliveries  

● Professional & courteous drivers

● Reliable dependable delivery service

● Affordable rates 

RushMeStuff​ objective is to help you grow as a business and to increase revenue, why? When we achieve in helping our partners grow, we grow. 




RushMeStuff Pricing And Fees FREE FOR 6 MONTHS (LIMITED TIME) ONLY 20%per trans. commission 
(No Commission Fees)


What Will Be Your Benefits 
● Customers will be able to shop you online or through our App

● Customers will be able to place orders for delivery

● Customers can customize schedules for delivery

● Customers can track their deliveries in real time

● Your business will be advertised & marketed through our App and social media

● No credit card processing fees

● Expand customer base

● Your business will have a dash board through our App to view and see orders

● Your business will be able to add/remove products

● Your business will be able to adjust prices as needed

● Business expense/tax write off

● Your business will now be able to proudly promote deliveries

● Pay as use service 


How Does It Work? 
1. Customers shop your business through our app or website.

2. Customers select the items they want and make their purchase with a credit card. 3. Businesses will receive an order notification via RushMeStuff dashboard, tablet, email, fax, phone or Rusher(driver).

4. Business will pull, bag items and label order then place to the side for a Rusher(driver).

5. A Rusher will arrive to pick up items and deliver them to customers.

6. Funds from all transactions will be processed once a week on Monday’s and deposited into your account by the end of day. 
RushMeStuff is a great service to have for growing your business. Now for the customers who love your products but don’t always have the time to visit can simply have you delivered. RushMeStuff is also a great way to introduce your business to new customers.  

Potential Revenue Example 
(No Commission Fee)
1 week = $1000.00(sales) -​ 20%(cost) = $800.00(revenue)  
 1 month = $4000.00(sales) -​ 20%(cost) = $3600.00(revenue)  
 1 month = $4000.00(sales) - ​$400.00(RMS Cost) = ​$3600.00(revenue) 
Full Time Delivery Driver (minimum wages will continue to go up every year until 2021 until minimum is $15.00 hr for Upstate Ny) 
Minimum wage $11.80hr + 15% minimum(taxes) = $15.81hr 
$13.57hr times 40hrs a week = $542.40 
$542.40 times 4 weeks = $2171.20 
 1 month = $4000.00(sales) - $2171.20(employee) =​ $1828.80(revenue) 
Our service only requires a commission which we use to help cover credit card processing fees, maintaining maintenance for your business on our app to make sure we provide the best experience for your customers when they visit. Our commission fee also helps with the funding of our business to pay drivers and to grow. Again our objective is to help you grow as a business and to increase revenue, why? When we achieve in helping our partners grow, we grow. 


Please Retain All Billing Statements Received From RushMeStuff For Your Business Expenses! 

  ​Terms & Conditions 
All of which we ask here at RushMeStuff is to allow for permission to display signage within the establishment(windows,door or counter tops) to help give awareness to customers that now they can have you delivered. We also would require a fax number or email to be able to send orders to your establishment of the items of which a staff member would need to pull and place to the side for our Rushers to pick up. We also request a list of your inventory along with prices and if possible pictures to display on our website and app. 
Customers will be able to shop,order and pay for their orders through our website or app and have it delivered the same day.  If the establishment has an existing website we also will add a delivery tab or link. This will be a great way for you to expand your customer base and increase your revenue.  
RushMeStuff is a great way to help move inventory and to increase sales. The days your customers are unable to make it to you, you can now be delivered to them. 



RushMeStuff Fees 
Your business account will be credited for all sales once a week on Monday’s by end of day for prior business week. Depending on institutions funds may take 1-3 business days.  Funds that will be credited will be your gross sales + tax -  commision from sub total​ = funds ​deposited along with statements of deliveries for that week. 


 Sign Up Today! 
If you would like to sign up today simply give us a call at 518-579-9048 or email us at 

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